A letter from Kevin

A letter from Kevin, co-founder of Changing The Flow. 

This letter is directed to the easyperiod.ca community. You can read more about the change in ownership of easyperiod.ca here.


Okay, deep breath...

Hi! This is Kevin. My pronouns are he/him, and I am deeply grateful and humbled to write to you on behalf of Changing The Flow (CTF). As previously announced by Alyssa, our team is now fulfilling your easyperiod.ca orders from the CTF headquarters in Waterloo Region.

I am nervous and excited. Mostly though, I am committed to ensuring that you continue to receive great care. Alyssa and the easyperiod.ca team have built a beautiful community over the years, and in the immediate future, things will look and feel the same.

Your same process for ordering, billing and shipment will be fulfilled as before, only now alongside the Changing The Flow team, who are equally passionate about menstrual equity. 

Changing The Flow has dedicated several years to fighting for free, inclusive, and accessible menstrual products in washrooms across North America. We support all individuals, community groups, schools, post-secondary institutions, and organizations of all sizes in their menstrual journeys

To facilitate this learning, we offer a range of services and products, including an incredible subscription service to keep your washroom stocked with organic period products at all times.

Our team is beyond excited to continue growing both easyperiod.ca. and Changing The Flow with a unified mission of achieving menstrual equity.

Period products should be in every washroom in Canada, will you help make that happen? Get started here or here

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