What is the 'ideal menstruator'?

Author: Kate Elliott (she/her)

Although menstruation is still not often discussed in frank and honest ways due to being so stigmatized, the conversation is growing and being heard.

However, we are still seeing the problematic image of an ‘ideal menstruator’. Bleeding is more accepted when it comes from someone who meets certain socially accepted criteria - particularly in advertising. For example, the ideal menstruator is more likely to be:

Small-medium size





Someone with a regular period

I personally represent all of these things, and although it's great that bleeding is being more accepted for the natural thing that it is, it can't only be accepted when it comes from bodies that look like mine.

There is never a single struggle and menstruation is no exception. There are multiple voices, multiples bodies, multiple experiences, and varying barriers.

Menstrual equity cannot be achieved unless all people who menstruate are accepted inclusive of their normal bodily function.

Sound good?

Kate Elliott is the Co-Founder and President of Changing The Flow. You can reach her via InstagramLinkedIn, or email: hello@changingtheflow.ca

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