Books and other resources

Did you know there are over 100 (verify) books on menstruation?  
How many have you read? 
How many have you heard of? 

Waterloo Region, you in for a treat as we proudly announce the launch of our BOOKS AND OTHER RESOURCES aisle here at the Changing The Flow Online Period Store. 
Sure you can order books anywhere, and ultimately, we believe that as long as you are reading and sharing menstrual equity, you should get the resources wherever you want. 

What we offer you is a local repository of select books that promote menstrual equity and education about menstruation. 
We charge a fair price, we offer free pickup and low cost local delivery, as well as access to our unique Menstrual Library. 

Who will benefit from this offering?
Menstrual equity proponents
Social justice supporters
Educators in high-school, middle school, primary school
Leaders in educational institutions