Period Pack Donation
Period Pack Donation
Period Pack Donation

Period Pack Donation

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Donate a Period Pack!

As many people know firsthand, periods do not stop for pandemics. With the ongoing economic impact, access to period products has been significantly disrupted for many individuals.

With your purchase of a Period Pack, we safely distribute period products to those in the community with an identified need. 

Each Period Pack costs $2.50 to produce, and all money raised will go directly to this project. We are really grateful for any support that you’re able to give so that we can make sure that people across Waterloo Region and Guelph can access the period products that they need to have a healthy period. 

Each pack contains:

  • 5 pads
  • 5 tampons
  • Learning resources

Organizations we have previously donated to:

  • Nutrition for Learning
  • Lakeside HOPE House
  • Sanguen Community Health Van
  • The Pregnancy Centre
  • Reception House WR