Our vision is that menstruation will be destigmatized, and every public and workplace washroom will provide access to period products.



Your vision 

You envision a situation where anyone can menstruate with both dignity and health.
You want to support those who menstruate around you. Whether this is your family, your friends, your employees, or your colleagues, you understand that everyone deserves to menstruate without stigma and with access to proper products.
If you are an organization, you want to support your staff and ensure that your workplace is equitable. You recognize that corporate social responsibility is about more than a policy mandate. It is about understanding, and pre-meditating the needs of those around you. 

Our Vision

We know that everyone deserves access to period products. These are essential items for anyone that menstruates and deserve to be treated as such.
We also know that periods are normal and we work to destigmatize menstruation through conversation and proper education. We envision communities across Canada that recognize that menstruation is normal and appropriately support those who need it.

Working Together      

Together, we can achieve menstrual equity.
As an organization, we are dedicated to creating long-term solutions for menstrual equity whilst ensuring that people can access the products that they need right now. 
Whether you are an organization or an individual, we can work together to achieve menstrual equity in the most efficient way possible. When you support our work, you show that you are a front runner in menstrual equity in your community and across Canada.
We are ready to help with awareness, education, and implementation suited to you.
Reach out to learn how we can work together.