A Period Box with pads and tampons in it, with a wall print that says This is a period positive bathroom, and then a box of joni tampons and pads stacked.
Inclusion Bundle
Inclusion Bundle

Inclusion Bundle

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Everything you need to provide period products in your washroom RIGHT NOW.

Each Inclusion Bundle contains:

and of course the star of the bundle, your choice of a period box from our exclusive Inclusion series: 

No Shame In My Flow Period Box  Box One: No Shame In My Flow Game from A. Decker  

 Box Two: Let's Talk About It from Anno Neemuswr

You will get two boxes of the edition you select, as well as two insert cups to use with applicator free (digital) tampons.

Valued at $50 this starter kit contains everything you need to provide period products in your washroom. 

Interested in a complete solution, sign up for our monthly subscription service and let us take care of it all. 


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