The Period Game
The Period Game
The Period Game
The Period Game

The Period Game

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The Period Game is now available for both sale and rental in Canada!

The Period Game is a board game about menstruation. It strives to turn a typically uneasy situation into a fun, positive, learning experience. The game teaches participants about what is happening within the body and how to “go with the flow”.

It’s pretty much impossible to play the game without saying words like “period” and “tampon,” making it a lot easier to talk about both in real life, and empowering the next generation to stop hiding tampons in their sleeves.

The Period Game was created by designers Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy. The game won the Red Dot Design award in 2016.

Each Game Includes:

  • 1 board that walks you through: puberty, the roughly four-week cycle that periods occur on, different PMS symptoms, and different period flows
  • 1 centrepiece inspired by the menstruating reproductive system. It drives gameplay and is responsible for your periods!
  • 24 marbles that let you move forward, get your period and leak in the game
  • 5 player pieces shaped like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period undies
  • 11 PMS cards that teach you how to handle PMS in the game and in life
  • 4 types of period protection cards (pads, tampons, super tampons, menstrual cups)
  • 4 types of wild cards
  • 1 educational booklet that explains a little more about the menstruating reproductive system and the things you learned in the game.