Poster titled About This Box, with a period box in the middle, with pads and tampons in it. Below the box is the following text: Periods Are Normal. People menstruate. they should have access to period products.

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What is Menstrual Equity?

Menstrual Equity is affordable and safe access to menstrual products when and where they are needed. Without it, we sacrifice the health and dignity of people who menstruate.

Why we say People Who Menstruate and Menstruators

Changing The Flow recognizes that not all women menstruate, and that not everyone who menstruates is a woman.

We intentionally use inclusive language such as menstruators or people who menstruate to include girls, trans men, trans boys, non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming individuals and all others who experience menstruation.

We welcome constructive feedback on how we can be better and do more to be inclusive. We encourage members of marginalized communities to call us in if we are not hitting the mark in our actions and our words. 

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