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This is a free online event that will inform and inspire Canadians, young and young at heart, about menstrual equity!

On April 27th at 6 pm EST, alongside Days for Girls Canada, we are hosting this virtual event that will equip you with the tools to educate and advocate as part of the menstrual equity movement!

There will be a $100 Changing The Flow gift card given to one attendee using a random draw, and the first 100 people who sign up will receive an extra entry.

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Menstrual Equity is affordable and safe access to menstrual products when and where they are needed. Without it, we sacrifice the health and dignity of people who menstruate.

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Image of two people outside wearing face masks and playing with their hair. On the left is a woman wearing a grey t-shirt with the image of a menstrual cup pouring blood on it. On the left is a man wearing a blue t-shirt with the image of a used pad.

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