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Research Roundtable Panellists

The panellists will highlight the vast intersections involved, and imagine what menstrual equity can really look like through both a local and national lens. Drawing on panellist’s individual vantage points as well as their expertise, this roundtable will provide a starting point for elected leaders and decision-makers in Waterloo Region to join the menstrual equity movement and make meaningful progress towards ending period poverty and achieving menstrual equity, as well as a place for community members to gain useful information on steps forward toward menstrual equity.

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Things I Used to Do Because I Was Ashamed of My Period

I’ll cut to the chase: periods are nothing to be ashamed of! But, the teenage me did not realize that. I used to do so many weird things to avoid people finding out about my period because I was embarrassed. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are a few things that I used to do to avoid anyone finding out about my period. 

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