Celebrating Black History Month, with period art

Image of A Decker's creation No Shame In My Flow Game

We are so pumped to announce our first "Paint your own Period Box" event!

This has been in the works for a long time, and now it is approaching rapidly.

Working with local artist A. Decker and the amazing team at Rhythm & Blues Cambridge, we have quite the evening in store for you on February 17th! 

You can find out all about it right here

Space is limited so we encourage interested participants to register ASAP. 

It is hard to capture in words quite how significant this day is for our team. 

It represents so much of what we value and are putting out in the world: collaboration, intentionality, awareness, equity, community. 

Learn more about A. Decker, their story and their wonderful art on their website adeckercreations.com 

And then head over to RhythmBluesCambridge.com and get to know this terrific organization working to support and showcase the Black community in Cambridge.

And of course there is more, so much more.

We can't tell you everything just yet, however we will let slip that the nexgen "Your Period Box" series is launching soon and it features multiple new designs, and yes absolutely one of the first ones is a collaboration with A.Decker! 

Stay tuned... info drops a comin' 

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