FAQ: How Can I Support You?

Author: Kate Elliott (she/her)

Since we get asked this quite a lot, it seemed like the time to get it into a post!
Here are some of the best ways to support us if you're interested, but obviously we welcome support in whatever way it comes 🤗

Thank you to everyone who continues to show love!


1. Interact with our content

Sharing, saving, commenting, and liking our content is fundamental (and free) to helping us reach more people.


2. Purchase from our store

Each purchase is key to helping our business run and getting our message out there! Each purchase makes us squeal with joy too...


3. Donate a Period Pack

By purchasing a $2.50 Period Pack from our online store, we can then distribute it to those in need.


4. Volunteer with us

We welcome support! If you are interested in donating your time and skills we would love to hear from you...


5. Talk about periods...and us!

More conversation will sustain and push this movement. Make sure you talk about periods in your network, and why not mention us too!


Kate Elliott is the Co-Founder and President of Changing The Flow. You can reach her via Instagram, LinkedIn, or email: hello@changingtheflow.ca


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