Meet Lyla FreeChild


Lyla FreeChild is a self taught artist based in Jaipur, India. Her paintings and pottery work revolves around exploring sexuality, pleasure, trauma, social taboos and feminism.

To celebrate the beauty of nudity and the sacred feminine power, she often uses her menstrual fluid in her art works.

Two of her pieces are featured in our Menstrual Art Collection:

'Reflowering' shown here: 

Reflowering by Lyla FreeChild


'Aadya Shakti' shown here with Lyla:


Photo of Lyla sitting in pose next to her piece Aadya Shakti.

Lyla shares with us her two inspirations for Aadya Shakti.

🩸One was the striking image of Lajja Gauri. Lajja Gauri is the lotus headed Hindu goddess associated with abundance, fertility and sexuality. She is also known as Aadya Shakti (Primal Energy) and Bhu-devi (Earth Goddess).

🩸The second inspiration came from Lara Owen’s book “Her Blood is Gold”, in which she writes about the creation myth of the Kogi Indians of Colombia.The Kogis believe that the earth was formed by the Great Mother during her period, and that her blood flowed into the earth and became the precious gold in the seams of Earth’s rocky interior.
One of the primary drivers for Changing The Flow is amplifying the people we serve, truly walking the walk of inclusivity and equity. Through their art, their vision and humanity shines through in ways that make the world better. 
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