One person impacting so many: a reflection

Everything is social media as far as communication goes. Or so it seems.

The ability to connect with our supporters and bring our message to large audiences is real, and that part is great. 

Nevertheless, there are times a message just doesn't fit well anywhere, so maybe it becomes a blog post. If you are reading this, well I suppose it did. 

I invite you to listen to the message in the video, as that is really what this is about. How one person, buying gifts at a market, can directly and meaningfully impact so many others. 

I mention artists and organizations that all are worthy of your time and money. It would mean a lot to me if you checked them out, and the next time you are out and about, look for their wares and support them. Follow them on social media, tell your friends and colleagues about them. 


Mentioned in the video: 

The card game "It's about bloody time"  created by ShedRed

Period products by Joni

Inclusion Period Boxes by A.Decker Creations and Hana Shafi

Menstrual Stickers by Amsa Yaro


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