We wrote a paper!

Changing The Flow today released a report geared towards small businesses entitled “Gender-Neutral Period Products: Building Inclusive Workplaces” describing the employee and economic benefits that providing menstrual products has for businesses. 

The report is available online at changingtheflow.ca/research and a limited quantity of printed copies are available at the following local businesses: Marlowe General (74 King St W), Odd Duck Wine and Provisions (93 Ontario St S), and Apollo Cinema (141 Ontario St N). 

Background: As of December 15, 2023, federally regulated employers are now required to provide menstrual products in each bathroom, regardless of gender (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2023). While these amendments currently only apply to federally regulated employers, the positive reception of the project could mean more businesses will have to follow suit in the future. Changing The Flow is urging people to get on board now. 

Providing menstrual products has many benefits for both employers and employees. Without access to a menstrual product, employees are forced to desperately look for products in order to continue with their work. Having them in the washrooms removes the anxiety and time spent searching which improves both their performance and reduces absenteeism. Alternatively, people who have access to period products at work report they are better able to focus, contribute more in teams, and feel more welcome in their workplace. All of which lead to increased inclusivity and improved employee outcomes.

Despite these advantages, many small businesses have wondered why and how to implement this initiative in their own spaces. This white paper aims to answer these questions by showcasing the importance of providing gender-neutral menstrual products, how and why the workplace will benefit, and to recommend ways to successfully provide these products in any workplace.


Our goal is to reduce the structural obstacles experienced by those who menstruate and to encourage inclusivity in public areas by providing free and easy access to gender-neutral pads and tampons. 

What’s the catch? There is none. For as little as $5-7 per menstruating employee per year you can access all these benefits and more. To find out more about why you should implement this initiative and to find tips on how to get it started at your workplace, read the full paper at changingtheflow.ca/research.

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