Image of a canvas tote with red writing that says Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding @changingtheflow
an image of our canvas tote, flatttened on a red background. The writing on the tote is in red and says Anything You Can Do I Can Do Bleeding @changingtheflow
image of our canvas totes that says Anything You Can Do I Can Do Bleeding shown hanging on someone's shoulder, with snow on the ground in the background

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Bleeding Tote

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This is a product with a purpose.
Each purchase of a tote starts a conversation of empowerment with its outward message.
Wherever you go, all around you, people are menstruating. They are dealing with the unique challenges of menstruating with symptoms of pain, fatigue, headaches, etc. as well as the anxiety about making sure you have products. These are the people that you live with, the people that you work with, the people that are answering your emails.

From a young age, people who menstruate are taught to be private about their period, hide their products, and suffer in silence with their symptoms. But now, it’s time to flip that conversation. How about a conversation that empowers people who menstruate? How about a conversation that sees this as an incredible thing. Because anything you can do I can do bleeding.

If you have read this far, we know that you’re on board with this message. You’ve probably got that feminist energy bursting through your body that just makes you want to scream from the rooftops. So now, let’s make sure this message empowers those around you too...why not gift this to a friend? Give the gift of empowerment and get 10% off of tote bag purchases with the code empower (valid when you have with a 10% discount code 'empower' (valid when you have 2 or more tote bags in your cart).  

Material: Cotton canvas
Size: 15" H x 15" W x 0.01" L

Kate Elliott (she/her) 
Kate has designed multiple items in our collection using bold and fun designs to send a message. She is also the Co-Founder of Changing The Flow and based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario. She wants to use her creativity as fuel for social change. By purchasing any of the items designed by Kate, they are created with the purpose of starting conversations that empower people who menstruate and educate those who may not understand.