The original period product holder, simply called It's Your Period Box
Phot of Your Period Box, with pads and tampons inserted. On teh front of the box it says "This is a period positive bathroom". On the left side it says "Order Your Own Period Box at" in a yellow circle
A photo of a person standing and holding "Your Period Box" in their hand and grabbing a tampon with the other hand. We do not see th person's head or below their thighs. They are wearing jeans and a gray hoodie
Close up photo of "Your Period Box" on the front it says "This is a period positive bathroom". A person is holding the box up to the camera

It's Your Period Box - The Original

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Your Period Box is a period product holder that is practical, attractive, and progressive.

Compact and designed to fit on the back of a toilet or on a bathroom counter, Your Period Box makes period products accessible without shame.

It is the product that you didn't know you needed.

This is the first version (launched in 2020).


Pair your purchase with our collection of 100% organic cotton period products.


Box dimensions:  230mm x 120mm x 75mm (LxDxH)

Ships flat, with two pre-perforated openings available.

Your Period Box is pictured with pads and tampons for illustrative purposes only, 

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