Inclusion: Period Boxes For You

 The Inclusion Series Period Boxes


Photo of 5 period boxes, two in a front row and three in a back row. There are pads, tampons and postcards in the boxes.




Inclusion Series Box One: No Shame In My Flow Game features Waterloo Region artist A.Decker

Inclusion Series Box Two: Let's Talk About It features Waterloo Region artist Anno Neemuswr

Inclusion Series Box Three:  Unapologetically Bleeding features Waterloo Region artist A.Decker

Inclusion Series Box Four:  Riding The Crimson Wave features Toronto artist Hana Shafi

Each box is designed by artists from communities that are frequently under represented in the public space. 

We chose to work with Black artists for the first two editions, and we are so excited to share these unique creations with the community.


Juici Yoga, Sanguen Health Centre & the community office of MPP Laura Mae Lindo are some of our early champions.

Thank you for saying YES to inclusion and menstrual equity (& rad art!) 

With support from a KWAwesome Foundation grant, Changing The Flow distributed over 50 free boxes to community locations across Waterloo Region. 

Our "Inclusion: Period Boxes For You" have been distributed to: 

Kitchener Public Librairies - ALL BRANCHES

Idea Exchange - ALL BRANCHES 


The W Centre 

Community Edition 

Sanguen Health Centre

Juici Yoga

SHORE Centre

Workhaus - Kitchener Location

SPECTRUM Waterloo Region's Rainbow Community Space

The Campaign Office of Marjorie Knight, MPP Candidate for Cambridge

The Campaign Office of Mike Schreiner, MPP Candidate for Guelph

The Constituency Office of Mike Morrice, MP for Kitchener

The Constituency Office of Bryan May, MP for Cambridge

The Community Office of Marit Stiles, MPP for Davenport


Feeling the FOMO? You can get your very own here & here.
Employers, retailers, people with washrooms: One step solution



  • Promote local artists, specifically BIR and 2SLQBTQ+ community members. 
  • Raise awareness about period poverty,
  • Make it simpler to put period products in washrooms
  • Destigmatize conversations about menstruation

   We are doing this to: 

  • Be deliberately anti-racist
  • Center the voices of under-represented people
  • Provide more opportunities to artists from marginalized communities
  • Encourage conversations about periods and the public space
  • To destigmatize menstruations
  • Support all menstruators
  • So all washrooms can have period products in them
  • Challenge the status quo

    Why we say "people who menstruate" and "menstruators": 

    Changing The Flow recognizes that not all women menstruate, and that not everyone who menstruates is a woman.

    We intentionally use inclusive language such as menstruators or people who menstruate to include girls, trans men, trans boys, non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming individuals and all others who experience menstruation.

    We welcome constructive feedback on how we can be better and do more to be inclusive. We encourage members of marginalized communities to call us in if we are not hitting the mark in our actions and our words.