If you’ve received a period pack then you might now be wondering about your period and how to use the products! So let’s get into it…

What is a Period?

The most simple way to explain a period (also referred to as menstruation), is that blood leaves your vagina every month. This lasts for 5 days on average, and happens roughly every 28 days! Your body is actually preparing for you to have a baby by growing a lining in your uterus, but if you aren’t pregnant then this lining sheds from the uterus and leaves your vagina – this is your period!

Although periods might seem overwhelming at first, they are completely normal and it’s important to ask any questions that you might have so that you can understand your body.

To better understand what happens when you menstruate, you should check out check out these videos that explain the process and head to SHORE’s website to see their resource booklet called ‘Period Power‘!

Your Products!

In your period pack, there are both pads and tampons! It’s normal to have a preference over which you use, so feel free to try out whatever you feel comfortable with.


Pads are the square packet and they are very simple to use. You simply remove the packaging and stick the pad to the inside of your underwear so that it absorbs the blood as it leaves your vagina. With pads, you can see (and sometimes feel) when the pad needs to be changed when you look at it. Pads can also come in different sizes depending on the heaviness of your flow. Once you have changed your pad, wrap the used one in toilet paper and throw it away in a bin (if you flush it, it can clog the toilet!).


Tampons (the longer packet) are inserted into the vagina and absorb blood before it comes out of the vagina. This means that you have to remember when to take them out (between every 4-6 hours, depending on your flow). Some people prefer to use tampons because you can’t feel them when they’re inserted correctly, and you can wear them while swimming!

Like pads, they can come in different varieties and often come with an applicator which some people find helps with insertion. These might be cardboard or plastic. You also need to throw away your used tampon. Oh, and using a tampon does not de-virginize you!

When you’re inserting a tampon, it’s important to get comfortable and relax! This is a great resource to help you with using a tampon with step-by-step instructions, or try the video below.

Extra Info

There are also other period products that you can use, like a menstrual cup or period underwear! These are reusable which makes them more expensive at first, but then can save you money over time (and be better for the environment!). If you’re interested in these, you could check out DivaCup or Aisle.

If you have questions or concerns, the best thing to do is to talk to someone in your life that you trust about it and they can help.

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