Period Prepared

The Period Prepared program was established to create immediate solutions for people needing period products. The program distributes Period Packs to people with an identified via our amazing community partners.

What began as #PeriodPreparedWR in June 2020 as a means to get period products to school students who had lost access to period product through school closures, has now grown into a core aspect of Changing The Flow.

Although we primarily target Waterloo Region and its surrounding areas, Period Prepared has provided period products as far as Ottawa. If you know an organization in need, please let us know.

To support the program, purchase a Period Pack for $2.50 each. 100% of each sale goes to the Period Prepared program.

Examples of our community partners are:

  • Nutrition for Learning
  • Lakeside HOPE House
  • Sanguen Community Health Van
  • The Pregnancy Centre
  • Reception House WR

 Team CTF with crates of period products