A person swimming with blood streaming behind her as sharks follow. Bears wait on the beach.
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As a thank you, we are offering you two full color prints from our Absurdity series for just 1$ (they are worth way more, this is a thank you offer for signing up).  

ABSURDITY - part 1 

This first release includes 2 unique illustrations from Avallon Tu, depicting the absurdity of menstruation myths around the world.  

A Bloody Hazard - Bolivia

Incoherent Nature - Australia/USA

Avallon, a Toronto based illustrator,  created Girl Flu with the aim of shedding light onto the absurdity of menstrual myths and the stigma surrounding menstruation worldwide. Her series of illustrations reaches a diverse audience, educating and encouraging them to question societal norms and biases. By presenting this subject matter through art, she hopes to create a safe space for open conversations and engagement in a non-threatening and thought-provoking way. 

Proceeds from the sales of these prints directly supports the artist and the work of menstrual equity.