Photo of Girl Flu zine held in a hand.
Girl Flu zine cover with 8 illustrations below representing different myths

Girl Flu - A Menstrual Equity Zine

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"Girl flu” depicts the absurdity of menstruation myths around the world.

See 8 illustrations and descriptions in one zine. 

A limited set of Special Edition copies have been printed for #MHD2023. 

Avallon Tu, a Toronto based illustrator, showcased her exhibit, Girl Flu, at the We Are Committed celebration on May 28th 2023 in Kitchener, Ontario.

To commemorate the event, she created a special edition run of 50 signed Zines which include work from her exhibit.  Get your copy before they are gone!

Avallon created Girl Flu with the aim of shedding light onto the absurdity of menstrual myths and the stigma surrounding menstruation worldwide. Her series of illustrations reaches a diverse audience, educating and encouraging them to question societal norms and biases. By presenting this subject matter through art, she hopes to create a safe space for open conversations and engagement in a non-threatening and thought-provoking way.