Inclusion Period Box Four: Titled Riding The Crimson Wave. It is a drawing of a uterus surfing on a crimson wave, under the sun, with pad birds flying by.
Photo of the Inclusion Period Box called Riding The Crimson Wave by Hana Shafi. It feautres a uterus surfing under the sun, on a crimson wave

Riding The Crimson Wave - Inclusion Period Box Four

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Riding The Crimson Wave

Design by Hana Shafi -

People menstruate. The should have access to menstrual products. Period.

Riding The Crimson Wave is the forth release in the INCLUSION series of period boxes featuring local artists re-imagining periods.


Drawing of Riding The Crimson ave by Hana Shafi. A uterus is surfing on a crimson wave under the sun.

A portion of each sale funds our Community Impact programs:  

PeriodPrepared : Period Packs and Products 

Inclusion: Period Boxes For You


Looking for a ready to go bundle? Our Inclusion bundle has all you need to put period products in your washroom. #justliketoiletpaper


Box dimensions: 20cm x 10xm x 7.5cm (LxDxH)

One round and one rectangular opening

An optional container for digital (non-applicator) tampons is available to fit the round opening. 

This SKU is just the box.