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What is Menstrual Equity?

As someone entrenched in the menstrual equity movement, I still have my qualms with this phrase. I regularly see-saw between whether a new audience can infer what it means on the spot, or whether it comes across as technical jargon that distracts from the point at hand. Yet still, without a conclusion to this question, we are here to explore what is menstrual equity and how can I use it in a sentence...

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FAQ: How Can I Support You?

Since we get asked this quite a lot, it seemed like the time to get it into a post!Here are some of the best ways to support us if you're interested, but obviously we welcome support in whatever way it comes 🤗

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5 Ways to Achieve Menstrual Equity

Admittedly, the term ‘menstrual equity’ can seem a bit confusing. What on earth is that? Does that mean everyone’s periods are in sync? But what about ending period poverty?  Menstrual equity is having equal access to period products, ways to manage menstruation, as well as education around reproductive health. Here are 5 easy actions you can do to help achieve menstrual equity: 

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