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Celebrating Black History Month, with period art

We are so pumped to announce our first "Paint your own Period Box" event! This has been in the works for a long time, and now it is approaching rapidly. Working with local artist A. Decker and the amazing team at Rhythm & Blues Cambridge, we have quite the evening in store for you on February 17th!  You can find out all about it right here.  Space is limited so we encourage interested participants to register ASAP.  It is hard to capture in words quite how significant this day is for our team.  It represents so much of what we value and are putting out in the world: collaboration, intentionality, awareness, equity, community.  Learn more about A. Decker, their story and...

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Just like toilet paper.

Though I do not menstruate, I fully support. I fully, fully support  the city in funding and providing period products in city washrooms, just like toilet paper. 

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Research Roundtable Panellists

The panellists will highlight the vast intersections involved, and imagine what menstrual equity can really look like through both a local and national lens. Drawing on panellist’s individual vantage points as well as their expertise, this roundtable will provide a starting point for elected leaders and decision-makers in Waterloo Region to join the menstrual equity movement and make meaningful progress towards ending period poverty and achieving menstrual equity, as well as a place for community members to gain useful information on steps forward toward menstrual equity.

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